Don't Let Your Vehicle Overheat

Don't Let Your Vehicle Overheat

Ask us about our auto AC repair services in Missoula, MT

You can't afford to keep driving with a broken AC. Reynolds Radiator handles auto AC repair work in Missoula, Montana. When you visit our radiator shop, we'll perform a system check on your thermostat, hose and flush to determine the source of the problem. We'll resolve the issue quickly so you can have reliable AC in your car again.

We can also install a variety of replacement parts. We carry Ready Rad products because they're durable and cost-effective. You can trust us to install top-notch AC equipment in your vehicle.

Reach out to us today to schedule auto AC repair service.

How to tell if you need your car water pump repaired

Since you can't see your water pump, it can be hard to tell if it needs to be fixed. Make an auto water pump repair appointment in Missoula, Montana if:

  • Coolant is leaking near the front-center of your car
  • Your water pump pulley is loose or making loud noises
  • Your engine is overheating or steam is coming from your radiator
We'll pinpoint and correct the problem quickly so you won't have to worry about car issues on the road. Call 406-549-7084 now to get a free estimate on auto water pump repair service.